Immeasurably More - Limited Edition Hardcover

Immeasurably More Life

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Are you wishing for more in life? Are you confused about the quiet and nagging discontent? The feeling that something is missing despite creating the life you thought you wanted?

You’re not alone. And more importantly—you were meant for more.

Come along the journey of a lifetime to discover your passion and unleash your potential. This is a story about God’s abundant vision, to exceed everything we could have hoped or dreamed for in life. It’s a collection of lives changed—some in big ways and some in small ways—all an intricate part of God’s plan to reach a community, to care for the lost and forgotten, and to change the hearts of people along the way.

Are you ready? Ready to see what God’s doing right in front of you, what you’re missing in the every-day? This is your invitation to immeasurably more, to claim God’s promises for your life and experience transformation.

All proceeds go to further the work and mission of Rolling Hills Community Church and Justice and Mercy International. 


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